solano pacific corporation was formed during the recession of 1981-1982. our original location was 120 east g street in benicia. during this time, home mortgage interest rates reached a high of 18%. but, our fledgling real estate brokerage managed to survive, and, in 1983, the company moved to its current location at 900 first street. in 1990, the company changed its franchise affiliation from better homes realty to coldwell banker. since that time, the company flourished to become the premier real estate brokerage in southern solano county. during the history of the company, the agent count of the company grew from 5 agents to over 70 currently. many of our agents and brokers have been with the company for over twenty years. during the company's history, we grew by hiring new agents and training them to become the collection of superlative agents that populate our company today. richard bortolazzo was the founder of the company, and is currently chief executive officer. vita mangosing is the president. jeff dennis is our assistant manager. all three members of our management team have a total of 110 years of experience in the residential brokerage business. both richard and vita are the owners of the company. our agents are the best trained and most productive in our area. over the company's history, we have sold over 7 billion dollars of real estate. when you entrust your real estate concerns and needs to one of our agents, you can be assured that you will receive the best service and results.